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About our facility and specialty equipment
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This facility has always been devoted to studying all things related to the horse's foot and how those things relate to the overall soundness and performance of today's equine athlete. Now with the addition of Dr. Myers and his staff to our TEAM, we will be able to do even greater things with our research!

We desire to do so while at the same time striving to make horse ownership as cost effective as possible.

Our office

We also have the capability of videoing the underside of the hoof while it is walked across our floor mounted camera.
The three photos below are clips from such a video. The top one shows foot just before loading, the middle photo shows same foot just beginning to load, and the bottom photo shows that foot under full load.
Only from this type of observation using the specialty equipment we have developed and installed; are we able to FULLY understand the horse's foot as it is..not as we THINK it is!


Our Goals
  • To assist the equine industry in improving all aspects of hoof care and soundness 
  • To continually develop new tools to better understand the hoof
  • To perform needed research and studies about all things germane to the horse's hooves
  • Publish our findings as well as provide educational opportunities for vets and farriers desiring further education

We have developed specialty tools to accomplish that which we desire.
We also have a room dedicated specifically to imaging,and have
GREAT PLANS for new features that are not presently in use
any where in the world that we are aware of. 
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Only with the type of equipment that we have developed at The Hoof Redevelopment Center, are we able to truly understand the way the foot truly works. We are presently collecting data which may show that many of the ways we think the foot reacts to loading are just not accurate; simply handed down theories. It is that type of antiquated information that has held back progress of developing protocols in hoof care that will solve many of the issues we have been plagued with for decades.

Too much of the information relied on in the hoof care industry is based on work done with cadavres. When you remove the ability of the soft tissue (tendons and ligaments) to assist with the movement of the various structures of the limb, you fail to get accurate results as they pertain to the live horse. We use equipment to do our studies that is designed to utilize that entire horse, not simply a portion of one that is no longer alive.

We even have a rolling "tripod" that allows us to "get our eyes on the ground"
 to see exactly what the foot is doing as it lands.

The Hoof Redevlopment Center      
Hoof Care Through Intellectual Protocol
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