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Martin's Bio

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Martin's Bio

Our goal is to assist you and your horses enjoy many years of sound performance at levels you may have only dreamed of ...
To return you to that level of sound performance you remember enjoying!!
And doing so with as little medicinal assistance as possible!!!!
(We are always open to consider adding to our group, either on staff or as an associate to work with us in other areas.
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Martin Kenny was born in Tulsa Oklahoma. His first introduction to horses came at age 10 when an American Indian boy saddled him up on a young horse only to discover it was an unbroke bronco. Having survived the boys will be boys prank, it was to become the start of a lifelong passion and relationship with horses and a quest to look, learn and assist these magnificent creatures. He started hot walking running quarter horses at the age of 11.

At the age of 14 his family relocated to NE Ohio, where he continued to work on horse farms and from that met his future wife, Diane.

In 1973, Martin moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania (PA) where he began his shoeing career. He has shod horses for members of the Olympic lists in many disciplines for as far back as 1976 and recalling "I was excited that I was asked to go to the Olympics in Russia in 1980; but then we boycotted those games, so I never went. Not for bad luck I wouldn't have any luck." he says with a chuckle.  

In 1994 he relocated to NC after flying to the warmer climate to shoe 2 horses there every month for over 10 years.  Not only did he escape the winter weather of Pennsylvania, but it also provided him with a place where he could access a major airport easily, as his work regularly takes him to numerous states.

He considers himself very fortunate to have worked with and been mentored with key individuals that encouraged and shaped his understanding of the horse in many areas. Some of these individuals included Dr. Edward Mersky, of Lancaster County, PA; Dr. Bill Moyer, (headed up the Sports Medicine Department at New Bolton, Dean at Texas A&M and currently President of the AAEP). He worked with and shod for Dr. Barb Forney of Brood Mare Associates in SE Pennsylvania, as well as Dr. Midge Leach and Dr. Jim Orsini at New Bolton Center, among others on staff there. Martin considers these opportunities a blessing in his life as well as the opportunity to have had strong working relationships with most of the area’s private practice veterinarians.

Martin also mentored with farriers such as the late Bob Skradzio Sr., of Ambler PA. as well as Bruce Daniels of New Jersey, among many others. He was president of the Pennsylvania Guild of Professional Horse shoers for many years, until his move to North Carolina. Being in that position, allowed him to glean from many of the top farriers from around the world, while he would host them at his home during their travels. He states that one of his best working relationships was with Rob Sigafoos, (who was then resident farrier at New Bolton Center); they often swapped ideas as well as clients-working on each others’ difficult horse cases.

Martin hand forged every one of the horse-shoes he used until 1984, when he discovered shoes that were being imported from Holland that became part of his inventory. From that earlier experience, he was able to compete and win numerous awards at many of the farrier contests held on the east coast. He also ran a farrier school from 1982 through 1986, which specialized in assisting practicing farriers to better themselves. These professionals traveled from as far away as Australia to move their career to the next level.

In 1990, he stopped competing, feeling that the forging competitions were keeping him from focusing on what was truly important.
His new focus being the horse’s hoof, not iron work!

In 2004 he finally married that young girl he had met back in NE Ohio. He laughs when he recalls Diane tell him, "When I told mom we were getting back together, she said 'You mean that tall skinny kid?' I told her, well, he's still tall, but not skinny anymore!" Martin often says, "Great things come to those who are patient, and my marriage to Diane is proof of that!" 

Martin Kenny holds a Journeyman Level Farrier Certification from both the American Farriers Association (CJF).  He is proud of the fact that he passed the AFA certification program with a 98% score at a time when the exam was in essay format (not multiple choice as it is today). Martin holds one of the oldest membership numbers in the AFA #178.
Martin Kenny is also a member of the American Association of Professional Farriers (APF)

Among his numerous accomplishments; he sat on the Board of Directors of the AFA, served as committee member to develop today’s present-day educator’s division, and was instrumental in developing the live clinic formats that support AFA members today with one-on-one expert assistance. He is currently Vice-President of The Guild of Professional Farriers.


Throughout his career, Martin has attended hundreds of clinics and conventions and has lectured at numerous venues, including the International Hoof Care Summit in 2006 and 2008. He currently assists farriers on a one-on-one basis to help them better understand the mechanics of the hoof capsule under impact, load, and finally recoil. The farriers he has assisted, locally and internationally, have found profound improvements in the feet of the horses under their care.

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