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Articles Published in The American Farriers Journal

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Articles Published in The American Farriers Journal
Martin's Bio

Interested in articles Martin Kenny has had published? Click here for the one he wrote for the January/February 2008 copy of the Amercian Farriers Journal on using Physics instead of Geometry when shoeing horses.

Click here to read the first of three articles published in the American Farriers Journal in 2009 It is on how the hoof capsule distorts.

Click here to read the second 2009 article in the AFJ. This is a recent study done on how the nail location plays a role in the distoriton of the hoof capsule.

Click here for more info on distoriton of the hoof capsule.

This May 2009 article will explain the Cup Shoe bearing surface design for a shoe

Here is article published in 2016 on the importance of proper alignment of imaging devices when taking them for podiatry purposes.

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