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After 43 years of running a full service Farrier Practice, Martin D. Kenny CJF APF   
is pleased  to still be serving Equestrians,from many states, who seek only the best care and knowledge availale for their horse's foot care

Now prospective clients will be added to this specialty practice only after Martin has interviewed the person in charge of caring for the health of the horse in question. 
If he has determined that there is a sufficient match of the manager of the health of the patient and 
the goals of Martin's practice, then he will proceed to set a schedule that will satisfy the 
needs of the horse.

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We are proud to now focus our energies and resources to horses and their managers that carry the same goals we do!
We understand that many owners simply want shoes on their horses, while others desire to see the hooves of their horses 
beome the best that they can be.... the latter group is the one qwe desire to work with and thus focus our 
energy toward.


The Hoof Redevlopment Center      
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