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After 46 years of running a full service Farrier Practice,
Martin D. Kenny CJF   
is pleased  to still be serving Equestrians who seek only the best care and knowledge availale for their horse's foot care.
It is not unusual to travel to places like Wisconsin, Iowa, California, Pennsylvania, Florida, etc.
Martin travels to most any place where there is a desire to help horses, and has for decades! 
Martin loves to assist the local farrier with his/her clients horses. It's not uncommon for Martin to work with the current farrier for a few times, then turn the care back over to that farrier. Sometimes there is a need to return after a period of time in order to adjust the protocol being used, but the goal is to help improve the local farrier's ability to work with the tough cases and grow enough to not only take over complete care of the case being consulted on, but to be able to take what is learned and use it wiht other horses in the area that farrier serves.

Since we recognize that goals and personalities must match in order to help the horse that Martin serves,
we attempt to make certain that it will be a relationship which will provide the best opportunity of acheiving the goals of all parties involved.
Now prospective clients will be added to this specialty practice only after Martin has interviewed the person in charge of caring for the health of the horse in question. 
If he has determined that there is a sufficient match of the manager of the health of the patient and 
the goals of Martin's practice, then he will proceed to set a schedule that will satisfy the 
needs of the horse.
If  you wish for consideration to be on our list of clients. Please call (910) 690-7618.
Then, please leave a message!!! 
Due to the amount of solicitation calls, received we no longer answer numbers not on our list of approved contacts.
But if you leave a message, we will call you back ASAP. 

We are proud to now focus our energies and resources to horses and their managers that carry the same goals we do!
We understand that many owners simply want shoes on their horses,
while others desire to see the hooves of their horses 
become the best that they can be.
The latter group is the one we desire to focus our 
energy, knowledge, and resources toward.


The Hoof Redevlopment Center      
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Due to phone marketing abuse, we no longer answer calls not on our approved contact list.
If you wish to speak with us, PLEASE phone (910) 690-7618 and leave a detailed message along with area code and number we can reach you at.
We will then add you to our approved contact list and get back in touch with you ASAP.
Also please understand that due to being on planes many times a month. ASAP may be a few hours....BUT will WILL call you back!

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